Artist Statement

We have been designing and making coats and jackets together since the day we met
37 years ago. On that day we discovered that we shared a sense of style and a respect for finely tailored clothing.

My grandmother came from Poland as a young girl and made her living in this country sewing. I grew up around my mother and four aunts who brought me around the mills of New England, teaching me quality of fabrics. They made everything. I went on to get a degree in Designer Crafts with an emphasis on textiles from the University of Utah.

Toshiki grew up in Tokyo, the great grandson of a metalsmith to the Meiji Emperor, whose work is now in the permenant collection of The National Museum of Japan.
This respect for craft, and the patience to make things, was passed down to Toshiki.
He went on to study fashion design at the Bunka Fashion Academy in Tokyo.

Our philosopy is to create work we are proud of and always push our technical limits, giving our customers something they will treasure for years.

Toshiki and Maryszka

contact 212.475.8324


3 responses to “About

  1. I love your work …
    I’m a designer of my own clothes .
    I wanted to know if I could get something custom made with you ?
    Thanks so much .


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