Custom Sizing and Virtual Fittings

We do lots of custom size orders, and the materials are expensive! We don’t want to make mistakes. When you try on a coat at a show, and the fit is not quite right, we take your measurements, and we go back to the studio and make your pattern. If the fit is close, we proceed to make your coat. If we feel we need more info, or if the design is very detailed and we can’t alter it after making, we make a Muslin Fit sample and send it to you. Then we ask for some photos, and comments from you. We have a conversation, just like you were here with us in the studio. If we are doing this entirely remotely, as I expect we will be in the coming months, have a trusted friend measure you up! Here are photos from a recent order, and the finished piece. Her comment, “Perfect Fit”! By the way, we keep your pattern on file, if you want a variation on it in the future.

Many re-order a coat they love in a different color or trim.

The Process:

Here’s Miriam at a show, in the coat she ordered. If you see a sample you like, we can send it along to go thru this same process.

Fit was not right, so we made her a muslin. Then she tried muslin as she would wear it, over just a sweater, or a suit. Then she sent us pics and we had a conversation. We wound up taking a bit out of the back.

The Finished Piece

She also wanted to change the accent color to red, her favorite. “Perfect!” This is her third coat from us! Thank you for choosing Slow Fashion!