We are home, mentally full, & physically exhausted from an eight day show in Bridgehampton.

Lots happened.

Sales, weather (all kinds), meeting many new people, fishing & beach time, viewing glamour, Hamptons shopping, eating great food………

One of the highlights of the week was being invited to a party at Snake Hollow Studio, and getting to meet the artist Lynn Matsuoka, and birdhouse/furniture designer Keith Barker, whose warm hospitality and group of friends will be fondly remembered.

Lynn visited our booth at The Classic with her son Ryunosuke Matsuoka (Sen restaurant in Sag Harbor)

and  friend

who brilliantly positioned herself behind our Magenta Jacket!


A New Design, Fall 2012

This is one of our new designs this fall, a fitted at the waist ebony merino shearling, trimmed in a bronze and black lambskin edging. It has a wide asymetrical collar that hugs the neck to keep out the chill, but can also be worn open to drape over the collarbone.

I just shipped this coat out to the woman who purchased it at the Hampton Classic, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it, so the piece is now complete. So exciting when the right person gets the right coat!

The Grand Prix

Last chance to shop, Toshiki & Maryszka shearlings, Art Ewka, Dubarry of Ireland, plus more in Bridgehampton, so get over here!

Riding Boots & Bespoke Shoes Hand Crafted in New York City

Ever since I moved to New York in my early 20’s, I would wander around lower Manhattan before it was “Soho”, I would pass by a shop with an oval sign hanging above a small shop on a tiny little street. It had an image of a riding boot, and said Vogel Handmade Boots. Intriguing, and not at all what I expected to find there, although that area used to be primarily manufacturing, and where we would shop for buttons and zippers and trims.

Now that we are showing our shearling coats at The Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton, NY, I had the chance to meet Hank Vogel, the 3rd generation boot maker (his son is the 4th) in a company that began in 1879! A very nice man with a million dollar smile, carrying on the tradition.